Sync Your Brain Workshop

The Synchromethod consists of a series of specific movements and exercises that enable you to easily release stress, tension, fear, anger, and anxiety. This method was developed by  Dr. Hasai Aliev, renowned Russian psychologist and Tim's workshop, Sync-Your-Brain, will teach you how to use these revolutionary new techniques in your daily life.

You will also receive an overview of Dr. Aliev's brain theory, which will help you gain a good understanding of why this method is so effective. After participating in this workshop you will realize just how easy it is to release stress and live more happily in the present moment. 

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The Synchromethod

A Simple, Effective Method that will help you:

  • Overcome mental blocks

  • Relieve Stress 

  • Raise your confidence

  • Improve relationships 

  • Unleash your creative potential

The exercises and movement techniques taught by Dr. Aliev are all designed for one purpose - to create resistance to stress. As you may know, stress is a fundamental component of all human suffering. Stress can also block us from achieving our highest aspirations. Developing resistance to stress will help you create a happier, more meaningful life for yourself and those around you.